APE Grupo at Cersaie.

APE Grupo celebrates its 30 years at Cersaie

The history that is shared is not forgotten. Under this premise, APE Grupo will be at Cersaie to present its new products, but also its successful business trajectory now that it is immersed in its 30th anniversary celebrations. And the company from Castellón has a lot to tell. After a fair, the 2021, at half throttle, […]

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APE Grupo presents its trends study

APE Grupo at World Design Capital Valencia 2022

Valencia looks at the future of design through ‘The New Habitat 23-24: how the spaces we inhabit are changing‘ study. This initiative, promoted by APE Grupo in collaboration with Futurea, World Design Capital Valencia 2022, CDICV and Casa Decor, analyses trends in architecture and interior design for homes, hotels, offices and shops. In addition to […]

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Signature Collection designed by Luigi Romanelli

AMA, combining mathematics, art and design

APE Grupo has presented its latest signature collection, AMA, created by the Italian architect Luigi Romanelli, as part of its commitment to in-house design and differentiation. Following in the footsteps of designers and artists such as Bruno Munari, Romanelli explores in AMA the relationship between mathematics, art and design. This collection incorporates a micro-terrazzo surface […]

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Estudio de tendencias de APE Grupo.

Interior design as a revenue generator

Interior design generates revenue in hotels and shops. It also improves productivity in offices. In fact, interior design contributes up to 67% of a hotel’s revenue and determines up to 79% of a retailer’s success. In addition, good interior design in offices can improve employee productivity by 78%. These data are collected in the study: […]

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APE Grupo celebrates its 30th anniversary

APE Grupo celebrates its 30th anniversary and is doing so in its best year ever. APE Grupo’s founders, Pepe Pellicer and Luisa Chenoll, who are the parents of the current owners, have gathered together to celebrate this special date. They have put together an emotional video to explain the beginnings of the company, its main […]

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Un año de récord para APE Grupo.

APE Grupo closes 2021 with record sales

APE Grupo closed the 2021 financial year with record sales, reaching 58 million euros in turnover for the first time. This marks a 30% increase over 2020. The increase in turnover has been underpinned by two key factors. First, the significant growth in stable markets such as Spain, France and the USA. Second, its ability […]

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