Создает 3D

3D Superb программа, с помощью которой вы сможете создавать трехмерные интерьеры с использованием всех видов керамических материалов, производимых APE Cerámica. Основным ее преимуществом является простота использования и доступность многочисленных вариантов укладки плитки.
EСуществует две версии программы: версия для дома, доступная любому пользователю, и версия для профессионалов, доступная для архитекторов и дизайнеров.


Yes, the images are availabe with a maximum of 400 px on the biggest side and they must be used first inside the programme. They are available in the following addresses:

C: Program Files3D Superb3D Superbmaterials… extures and in

C: Program Files3D Superb3D Superbmaterials…icons

It could happen due to several reasons. The most common:

  • Pop-up blocker: Confirm you haven’t got any pop-up blocker or any other blocker option in your firewall.
  • Proxy problem: Desactivate your proxy for a moment or inform to your IT service to alllow traffic for the domain “http://www.3dsuperb.com“.
  • Other alternative, please try to run this program: http://support.3dsuperb.com/Sup_ProxyDoctor.exe  que puede ayudarle en la instalación..
  • Components and plug-ins Active X : debe permitir que Windows e Internet Explorer instalen estos componentes para que la descarga del programa continúe. Debe asegurarse de seleccionar el nivel de seguridad Medio en MS Internet Explorer durante el proceso de instalación.

If you have not registered yourself previously, please check your Internet connection. If the problem persists, is possible that you must reconnect to the internet..

No, the connection is only needed to enter the program. Using your login and password, once inside you can work offline. To be able to see all products offline, you must previously be connected to download the products to your computer.

Make again the Registry and keep the information in a safe place in your computer.

The download time depends on the type of your internet connection. If you have a Low-Band Connection we advise to try it in low traffic hours.

Yes, in tutorial you can see a step by step procedure on how handle the tool.

If it is a new product, and you don’t have chosen it previously, you must be connected to the internet for this operation.

Yes, you only need the dimensions of the division and draw it in the same way you see it.

Yes, in the upper part of the screen, it appears an Icon with a sheet paper, that corresponds to the report; where you have all the information on budget and amounts of the products, Materials and 3D.

Yes, but only support AutoCAD R12 file versions and its usually available only in Professional Version. In the upper part, it appears one Icon with the name of AutoCAD, click it and use the tool in this system.

Verify that your video adapter supports Direct 3D, and then verify that you are using the most current drivers from your video adapter manufacturer and not a generic driver. For more detailed information, read Microsoft suggestions at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/191660/es.