The Perfect Mix

‘The Perfect Mix’ is a project of APE Grupo that puts into effect a genuine idea with which we identify ourselves: together we are more than the sum of our parts. We will discover, through well-known sportspeople, chefs, artists, architects, designers… the values that move them, that have made them grow professionally and that make them different. Values they share with the ceramics industry.

Swimming against the current

Since he started swimming until today, Pedro García Aguado’s life has been a complete double somersault dive, sometimes making a bigger splash, other times a smaller one, but always exciting. He has shared this with us in this fantastic interview, reviewing each of the most significant points in his career: Olympic medals, setbacks, his time on the television program “Hermano Mayor,” and his role as the Director General of Youth in the Community of Madrid are the pillars of this versatile individual who now defines himself as a ‘professional helper.’

The dedication of success

Carlos Latre is so multifaceted that even the term “showman” doesn’t fully encompass all his abilities. Born in Castellón de la Plana in 1979, the impersonator, comedian, actor, and presenter tells us how he built his fame through hard work and daily dedication, which laid the foundation for his recognition and success. Latre discusses the sacrifices and compromises demanded by a career as extensive and diverse as the characters he impersonates, revealing the personal side of a professional who combines talent and dedication with a sense of family and the idiosyncrasies of Spanish society.

The design of dimensions

Marisa Gallén, the recipient of the National Innovation and Design Award in 2019, recounts that she found her place in the world when she discovered a label on a magazine cover that referred to the design of it. This was the moment when a special fondness for design emerged within the designer. Gallén feels fortunate to have found her vocation and emphasizes the drive that artists have when, through their work, they seek the ultimate goal of evoking emotions. She relates this to the communicative capacity that design possesses, a concept that, in the words of the Spanish designer, encompasses various dimensions, from the intellectual to the technological.

The chemical revolution

Avelino Corma is undoubtedly one of the most meritorious faces in the scientific field. He has received numerous awards since he began his career, including the Prince of Asturias Award in 2014 for his achievements in scientific research. After more than 30 years of career and being one of the most cited scientists in the world, Corma is very clear about what have been the triggers of his success. In this interview of The Perfect Mix he explains it to us, tells us about his references and gives us his vision of the main issues that approach the today’s science.

Networking with heart

Cipri Quintas is a restless spirit, a self-made entrepreneur. A businessman with more than 30 years of activity, throughout his life he has connected thousands of people from all walks of life: politicians, sportsmen, businessmen, actors… In this interview, he tells us about his humble beginnings and how his triumphs and failures have shaped his innovative vision of the business world. In addition, Cipri Quintas gives us a valuable lesson on networking with heart and teaches us the keys to maintain a wide and solid network of contacts. An inspiring talk that, without a doubt, you can’t miss.