In this space we create valuable content together with transformative people from different areas of society that help us learn new things. With this series of interviews, we would like to contribute with experiences, knowledge and different points of view regarding the reality that surrounds us.

‘The Perfect Mix’ is a project of APE Group that puts into effect a genuine idea with which we identify ourselves: together we are more than the sum of our parts. We will discover, through well-known sportspeople, chefs, artists, architects, designers… the values that move them, that have made them grow professionally and that make them different. Values they share with the ceramics industry. This is where ‘The Perfect Mix’ begins.


Avelino Corma is undoubtedly one of the most meritorious faces in the scientific field. He has received numerous awards since he began his career, including the Prince of Asturias Award in 2014 for his achievements in scientific research. After more than 30 years of career and being one of the most cited scientists in the world, Corma is very clear about what have been the triggers of his success. In this interview of The Perfect Mix he explains it to us, tells us about his references and gives us his vision of the main issues that approach the today’s science.


Cipri Quintas is a restless spirit, a self-made entrepreneur. A businessman with more than 30 years of activity, throughout his life he has connected thousands of people from all walks of life: politicians, sportsmen, businessmen, actors… In this interview, he tells us about his humble beginnings and how his triumphs and failures have shaped his innovative vision of the business world. In addition, Cipri Quintas gives us a valuable lesson on networking with heart and teaches us the keys to maintain a wide and solid network of contacts. An inspiring talk that, without a doubt, you can’t miss.


Pepe Vendrell, coach of tennis player Roberto Bautista, world number 11, and captain of Spain in the ATP Cup 2021, reveals in this interview the hardest side of the professional athlete and how coaches must be managers of emotions in a sport where the line between success and failure is very thin.
In addition, he talks about the business vision that a tennis player must have to invest in improvements, staff, equipment and tools that allow him to make a quality leap in his level of play and, consequently, in his results.


He started from the ground up, in a humble restaurant in Madrid, but his perseverance and dedication to improve and learn every day have taken him to the top, to get a Michelin Star for his restaurant in Benicarló (Castellón, Spain). The chef Raúl Resino tells us about his beginnings, his love for the sea and his passion for traditional dishes that he rescues to give them, with new techniques, a second chance.


Luigi Romanelli (Rovereto di Trento, Italy, 1960) was graduated in Architecture at the IUAV in Venice, where he was taught by highly renowned lecturers such as Aldo Rossi. Working out of his studio in the heart of the Italian tile industry in Sassuolo, he has undertaken architectural projects across the world. We talked with him about the role of architecture currently and the challenges that this discipline faces.