AMA, combining mathematics, art and design

Signature Collection designed by Luigi Romanelli

APE Grupo has presented its latest signature collection, AMA, created by the Italian architect Luigi Romanelli, as part of its commitment to in-house design and differentiation.

Following in the footsteps of designers and artists such as Bruno Munari, Romanelli explores in AMA the relationship between mathematics, art and design. This collection incorporates a micro-terrazzo surface and adds a piece decorated with geometric inlays that follow the Peano curve, named after the mathematician Giuseppe Peano, which allows the plane to be broken down in a fractal way. As a result, an apparently chaotic surface takes on a coherent and balanced appearance. This, like music, is achieved through mathematics.

The inspiration for creating ceramic collections can come from any material. “Some references are obvious, like precious marbles or natural stones from rare quarries. Others are increasingly more subtle, but they offer equally aesthetic qualities”, explains Luigi Romanelli, referring to the lean concrete – a mixture of poor cement which, after polishing, brings out the aesthetic textures of the different materials of which it is composed – from which AMA has taken its inspiration.

In addition, the collection is rounded off with decorative designs that belong to two opposing worlds. The first design is a geometric pattern that purposefully breaks down a piece by the Italian artist and designer Bruno Munari, making reference to the famous curve of the mathematician Giuseppe Peano.

The second design is a decoration with small, coloured flowers that refers to Andy Warhol’s ‘Flowers’, itself inspired by the work of photographer Patricia Caulfield.

This series was officially presented at the latest edition of Casa Decor. It closed its doors on 22 May, in the space of the Jacob Delafon firm designed by U Interior Design.

In conclusion, AMA is a collection that, in its apparent simplicity, conceals a great emotional complexity. At the same time it is a collection devised for the creative, as it permits hundreds of different compositions thanks to simple tools such as the colour palette and the changes in format.

New signature collection

AMA is the fourth signature collection to be launched by APE Grupo under the Luigi Romanelli label, following the successes of Work, 4.Stones and Argillae. Romanelli (Rovereto di Trento, Italy, 1960) graduated in Architecture at the IUAV in Venice, where he studied with masters such as Aldo Rossi. From his studio, located in the heart of Italian ceramics in Sassuolo, he has completed architectural projects all around the world.

Industrial design is another of his creative facets and he has extensive experience in the ceramics sector. In fact, he has worked with some of the leading international brands.